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Boston Masterplan – Reconnecting the Town Centre

Boston PE21 Masterplan

Boston Masterplan – Reconnecting the Town Centre

Heta was tasked with developing the masterplan for a 10-acre opportunity site in Boston for Boston Council and East Lindsey District Council. Our aim was to produce an exemplary urban environment, a desirable place to live with an emphasis on balanced communities and high-quality public realm. 

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Masterplan / Residential / Community /Wellness
  • Location: Boston, Lincolnshire
  • Status: Active

Branded with Pride

Situated in Boston town centre, PE21 postcode, the site is linked strategically between Boston railway station and the historic core with stunning views of the St Botolph’s Church - ‘The Stump’. The challenge was to increase accessibility and connectivity across both sides of the river, improve the relationship to unite the east and west town districts and support the multicultural nature of Boston. This will deliver on Boston’s Town Vision to create an attractive and vibrant place for residents and visitors, and better access the town centre offerings, including the marketplace and the Boston Mayflower Centre, an educational Town Fund project.

Working closely with Boston Council Place Manager we aim to respond to public engagement and local analysis on key themes of health and wellbeing, safety, access to leisure facilities and wider connection to the town. This new development will be a catalyst for the area, increasing attraction and footfall to stimulate local income and the visitor economy, as well as drawing both public and private investment.

Boston Town Centre
Aerial View of Boston Town

Complementing Boston Town Centre

Our approach readdresses the imbalance between the east and west sides of the River Witham by reinforcing Boston’s historic urban fabric. The masterplan proposes an organic, fine urban grain that will improve the quality of public realm visually and experientially.

The masterplan promotes safe and attractive streets with enhanced pedestrian routes that connect the train station and West street with town centre. A network of refashioned streets and public spaces linked by key moments and vistas will make Boston a more dynamic and engaging place.


View of the Stump
Pride of Boston Food Court
Connecting the park with the waterway.

A Desirable Place to Live

A new exemplary residential community is the centrepiece of the development with a mix of activity at ground level. Residential blocks are positioned to offer maximum flexibility and viability to potential developers and are aligned and spaced to exploit views of St Botolph’s Church tower. The design includes a variety of unit types in the form of terraced townhouses, courtyard houses and apartments, set with a supporting mix of ground level retail and commercial venture spaces.

A Healthy Living Centre combining a leisure centre with centralised medical practices will provide for the existing and new residential community. Parks and green infrastructure connect people to riverside trails and community leisure spaces. A Pride of Boston Food Court activates the new waterside park with a buzzing food & drink space, promoting local produce. 

A Viable and Attractive Outcome

The criteria for a successful application lies in the viability of proposals to ensure minimal impediments to delivery for ELDC or potential developers. Heta identified known risks to delivery and put forward potential solutions to be incorporated into the evolving delivery for the area. The masterplan is intended to be robust and flexible to enable and facilitate various options, ensuring the best outcome in support of the town centre vision.

The design proposed a variety of public and private open spaces, green roofs, courtyards and raised plinth gardens to mitigate risks of surface water and fluvial flooding. Heta adopted a holistic approach to environmental design to drive Boston’s sustainable economic growth and pride of place.

View from the bridge

Heta Contact

Namrata Krishna

Heta Contact

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