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Milae Tower - Designing for Workplace Wellness

Wellness Workplace

Milae Tower - Designing for Workplace Wellness

Milae Tower

Heta have designed an iconic addition to Dosan-Dae Ro that provides Premium grade commercial office. Studying exemplar concepts of office wellness & environmentally responsive building Heta have created a striking address for the tenant as well as engaging with the streetscape.

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Environmental / Insight / Human / Digital
  • Location: Seoul, South Korea
  • Status: Concept

Iconic Urban Intersection

Heta was approached to create a landmark on Dosan-Daero with iconic form with a multi-use lobby that is at the cutting edge of workplace design thought. 

The concept design was a commercial office tower in Cheongdam; an epicentre of fashion trends and celebrity in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. The brief called for an iconic building on a key urban intersection, offering a vertically connected building with spatial variety and flexibility to a single tenant. 

Heta proposed a progressive model of workplace; a 4,700m2 building that maximises wellness & connectivity, through open plan floor plates, green break-out spaces and generous natural light. An insight-led approach through stakeholder engagement and user experience analysis informed the design of an adaptable workplace with collaboration, choice and creativity at it’s heart.

A multi-use lobby with a central feature staircase to encourage longer stays and connectivity.
Hero Shot
Opacity alterations and Folding/Pleating can give multiple variations of shading and control views in and out giving depth & refinement whilst not compromising on natural light & views.

Mixed use lobbies that link to a central circulation route through the building, is the cutting edge of contemporary Office Design. It encourages social interactions and break-out spaces for solo work.

James Sandwith CEO, Heta Architects

Active Facade

The Milae Tower aimed to create a Landmark on Dosan-Daero with and iconic form & with an environmentally responsive facade skin. With the intent of designing a cutting edge workplace, the multi-use lobby becomes a destination social gatherings and events. The project explored the workplace of tomorrow, incorporating wellness and ‘smart building’ design in the workplace.

With a Purpose & Success Approach four aspects were identified:

1. Iconic Builing
The most Iconic office address that will promote commercial value and brand identity.

2. Vertical Connected Journey
Connection through the building to improve workplace cohesion and mobility with a variety of spatial amenities for both work and social activities.

3. Spatial Variety & Resilience
Various degrees of “openness” in the workplace fosters the best workplace performance. A mix of spaces enhance productivity, workplace resilience and build social unity and balance.

4. Integrated Wellness
Proximity to natural light and air quality to improve concentration and wellness in the workplace.

Diagram Facades
Diagrams demonstrating the importance of double skin facades.
A dimensionally coordinated ‘kit-box’ of elements that assemble with ease.
Flexible floor
Flexible floor plans to allow for a variety of workplace configurations. The central staircase creates connectivity between floorplates, improving wellness and communication within the workplace.

Heta Contact

Nick Arthurell

Heta Contact

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