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Hyundai Daycare in Ulsan

Competition entry for a Daycare Centre for Hyundai employee’s. Preschool learning - Nuri Curriculum (children aged 3-5)

Hyundai Daycare in Ulsan

The Ulsan Hyundai development is located adjacent to the Shim Cheng-gol Hills. The landscape with valleys which encompass the site location, provides a stage for the Hyundai employee’s and their families.

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Environmental / Education / Human / Digital
  • Location: South Korea
  • Collaborators: Kaunitz Yeung Architecture
  • Status: Competition

Heart of Play

When a child draws a picture of a happy place they will often first think of positive relationships with family and friends surrounded by trees and nature.

On average, each young person plays outdoors for just four hours a week, half the time their parents spent outside as children.

Children need regular time outdoors to support their physical and mental wellbeing. Nature creates positive feelings, builds confidence, and increases creativity and attention span. Nature also has a significant positive effect on children’s play and social behaviours.

Extended time in nature leads to sustainable attitudes.

We have drawn on this for inspiration to bring nature into the heart of the day-care centre with the concept: "Nature at the Heart of Play"

The Nuri Curriculum is based on the notion that children actively learn and explore through play, which is associated with the “child- and play-centred” direction of learning in five learning areas:

  • Physical activities,
  • Health and safety.
  • Communication.
  • Social relationships.
  • Arts experience; and inquiries into nature.
Ground Floor Plan
Level 01 Plan

Hyundai Day-Care aims to help children achieve mental and physical health and harmonious development through play, and to form the foundation of good character and democratic citizenship.


Our design will create a space that functions to support the goals of the Nuri curriculum. The physical environment will nurture the health and wellbeing of children through connection with nature encouraging them in active play, communication, and social relationships.

Visual Illustration of the Drop-off Approach
View from Upper Deck
View from Playground

Heta Contact

Jon Fielding

Heta Contact

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