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Jayeon Forest: Wellness & Multi-Generational living

Heta designed a wellness centred, re-forested luxury living development concept along with a designed for manufacture and assembly home system that saves the client time and money on site and allows each unit to be configured to user tastes from a virtual warehouse of components.

Jayeon Forest: Wellness & Multi-Generational living

Heta have worked with a housing developer to develop a luxury community on a prestigious and unique site in South Korea. The task was to create a special place to live which is in keeping with the shared values of the client and Heta.  

Heta took this initial brief and applied it to the given site which is in a prime natural location on a gentle slope overlooking South Korea. 

The site is surrounded by forest but is itself in a state of post light industrial aggregate build. Heta set out the concept for both sustainable build and wellness focused life with a design that imagines 'what if this site was re-greened?  

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Urban Design / Interiors Design / Design Advisory
  • Status: Concept phase

It is proposed to replant the slope with as much natural forest and green space as possible, within which a softly winding route through that allows each person on site the feeling of living within nature and will also be able to look out over the valley to the city beyond. 


In this natural setting, there will be dedicated park space zones where the wellness facilities enhance the user’s everyday lives, and help bolster community activities and social integration. These range from co-working spaces to luxury gym and spa facilities, with a market hall where fresh food and produce is delivered daily. 

The homes themselves are exemplar of the concepts of luxury living: generous spaces, ease of circulation, impressive internal/external vistas and efficient cutting-edge integrated technology and construction techniques. 


Heta Contact

Paul Dosanjh

Heta Contact

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