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Project Midieo – Urban Regeneration of New City District

Project Midieo
Project Midieo – Urban Regeneration of New City District

Project Midieo reimagines the masterplan for a new city district encompassing broadcasting headquarters, a business hotel, two residential towers, a lifestyle and & culture centre, a media and & innovation hub and integrated public realm.

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Urban Design / Interiors Design / Design Advisory
  • Location: S. Korea
  • Status: Active

A key element of the brief was the design of an esports hub, which accommodated arenas, training facilities and foyer spaces within a perforated volume full of activity. The main concept was to locate this cultural destination at the convergence of the development and main approach.

The primary urban intervention design change was to connect the development to nearby green spaces. By forming an axis with the key urban park at the centre of the district, Heta proposed an active green route to bringing soft landscaping into the site.

The concept for the lifestyle and cultural retail destination embraces future trends in wellbeing, experiential lifestyle and digital technology. The retail wellbeing experience is enhanced through integrated vegetation either by vertical gardens on the façade or planted internal streets and atria.

MokDong outer view
MokDong outer view

The media and innovation hub includes multi-purpose media centre, broadcasting suites, conference facility and e-sports hub. The concept is the result of in-depth research into future trends in e-gaming, use of VR / AR technology, and 360-degree intimate stages to redefine the experience of viewing the sport. This project is an interesting case study on how a broadcasting company is evolving to embrace the future of e-sports in a world where on-demand media is becoming prevalent.

A 1000 seater purpose built E-sports arena with a 360 degree stage for an intimate arena and personal atmosphere.
In addition to creating a cultural epicentre, the project aimed to connect the existing office headquarters to the new office and hotel.
eSports hub
A vibrant, interactive social gathering space, animated with leisure activities and embedded within art, entertainment and local culture.

Heta Contact

Jon Fielding

Heta Contact

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