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Recipro-city – People's Choice for the Davidson Prize 2022

A home to nurture continuing relationships and social, cultural and economic exchange.

Recipro-city – People's Choice for the Davidson Prize 2022

Heta are proud to have been announced this week as the 2022 Davison Prize ‘People’s Choice Winners’ for ‘Co-Living - The New Future’ competition.

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Environmental / Human
  • Location: UK
  • Status: Concept
Axonometric showing design and experience elements that work together to plan how places will function over time to grow lasting, successful communities.
Maker spaces for creative production, testing and experimentation.

Project Statement

Recipro-city explores how architectural interventions can help our community tackle challenges such as homelessness and loneliness, whilst continuing to build relationships and trust through the reciprocal exchange of resources, skills and knowledge.

Our community of residents is drawn from vulnerable or marginalised groups or individuals who have faced adversity, whose neurobiology or life experiences have led – or forced – them to seek an alternative way of living. Our design concept, ‘Recipro-city’, proposes a model for co-living built on a reciprocal framework of positive, life-affirming actions. It provides opportunities for people to develop bonds that begin to address the nuance and complexity of the challenges our community has experienced, particularly loneliness and homelessness. Mainstream ways of living together or having a home of one’s own are becoming increasingly inaccessible and exclusionary; our proposal is a move away from capitalism and how we have traditionally assigned value to things. 

Living spaces for privacy and rest - a ‘home of one’s own’

Instead, our design is built around the mutual exchange of resources, skills and knowledge, and where chosen activities and interests instead of conventionally paid work define how people contribute to and live as valued members of society, enabling individuals to grow over time.

Communal restorative and green spaces with porous boundaries.

Flexibility and adaptability are built into spaces that foster connections, including shared recreational and educational facilities, workshops, and restorative and recovery spaces, some of which have permeable boundaries that enable engagement with neighbouring communities. Integrating economic, cultural and social exchange, these spaces can be secured when necessary or opened up for community and public engagement of ground floor uses and maker spaces.

Inviting and active common spaces for serendipitous interactions.

Importantly, our model is a work in progress, providing access beyond the physical and allowing the people who live there to shape how their community looks, acts and feels. 

Final poster submission


Dr. Gemma Jerome, Director of Building with Nature

Catherine Borse, Wellness Advisor

Namrata Krishna, Design and Behaviour Change Strategist

Heta Contact

Daniel Birdsall

Heta Contact

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