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Heta was invited to deliver a concept design for a 120-metre mixed use commercial tower in Seoul, which is to become a new headquarters for the fashion and culture division of an internationally renowned Korean company. As innovators in lifestyle, the company’s vision reflects their determination to enhance the experience and quality of life for their employees, their customers and the local community.

Project Details

  • Category: Architecture / Environmental / Insight / Human / Digital
  • Location: South Korea
  • Status: Concept

An Integrated Public Realm

Situated in Gangnam, the ‘power centre’ of Seoul, this project was aimed at designing a headquarters tower that engages with the community and activates its urban surroundings.

The urban strategy capitalises on the site location that sits alongside one of the busiest highways in South Korea and future linear greenway. An integrated public realm strategy will connect the local districts and create a new park destination. The tower engages with the park through an open ground plane, stitching together the routes and pedestrian connections around the site and activating a retail & exhibition venue.

Lobby Base
Public approach to the building.

Form Inspired by Nature

The design of the tower was inspired by crystalline depictions of mountains found in Korean historical art. The essence of the crystal shard emergence stems from an abstraction of local geological conditions and evolved into an overall formal arrangement.

The building mass is separated into four triangular volumes. These volumes present an open face to each of the primary desire lines and nearby mountains of Gwanak and Cheonggyesan. The planes extend to express the slenderness of each façade. The tower is intended to form a striking visual presence within its immediate urban context while referencing the shard-like geometry of the distant mountains.

Concept Inspiration
Concept is inspired by ink paintings of the mountains.
Typical Office Floor Plan
Façade Development illustrating a high performance skin.

Heta Contact

Nicholas Arthurell

Heta Contact

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