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Innovation Advisory

Illustration by Steelcase “New Work. New Rules.” - Office Reboot

Evolving the TOG Experience through Innovation
Innovation Advisory

Working with TOG leadership to capture, align and direct innovation to evolve the client experience and reaffirm TOG's role as a pioneer of the future of work.

Project Details

  • Location: London, UK
  • Status: Active

TOG x Heta Innovation Advisory

For over 15 years TOG (The Office Group) has been pioneering the future of work through the thoughtful design and service of co-working and flexible office spaces in London and Europe. Accelerated by the impact of Covid-19 and the resultant dramatic shifts in the world of work and beyond, TOG were keen to understand how traditional real estate and new occupier market needs were changing, in order to evolve TOG’s offering through leveraging their team’s knowledge and Heta’s own research and expertise.

Evolving Experience through Innovation

To drive internal innovation, Heta capture the core ideas and viewpoints of TOG leadership, align thinking and validate and direct how innovation can be facilitated and supported within the organisation.  Thought leadership into the big Covid-accelerated shifts provided a rich evidence base to validate much of current TOG thinking but also expanded the potential of what TOG’s innovation strategy could incorporate. Our research and engagement deep-dive also led us to create a proposed client experience proposition across space, service, people and technology.

Partnering to Evolve

Heta worked in partnership with TOG to help facilitate their innovation progression, highlighting key objectives and giving clarity to their overarching innovation ambitions and how these could and are being achieved across the business. Our work culminated in the creation of a set of innovation actions and a robust methodology to enable and direct innovation within TOG, informing, testing and assessing if and how new projects and ideas should be implemented to improve their client offering.

Internal Synthesis
Internal Synthesis – Analysing findings and planning leadership interviews
Synthesis Report
Synthesis Report – A report bringing together and summarising the innovation findings and outcomes developed.

Heta’s work responds to a number of our challenges and opportunities, supporting our ideas with evidence. The methodology they developed around how we can drive innovation ties everything together consistently so that everyone is on the journey together. When we get to the end point, there's a clear understanding of why and how we got there.

Warren Margolis - Product Director, TOG
Heta Insights
Heta Insights - Thought leadership to help TOG frame, validate and identify innovation opportunities.

Heta Contact

Namrata Krishna

Heta Contact

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