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Thamesmead Waterfront Competition

Manifesto for a Well-Community of the Future
Thamesmead Waterfront Competition

Thamesmead Waterfront will become a beacon of what home can mean for health, wellbeing and for happiness in an urban environment. More than a neighbourhood masterplan, our manifesto sets out the ambition for a new urban future.

Project Details

  • Category: Community, Placemaking, Urban Design
  • Location: UK
Competition Board

We see a future where wellness design is preventative and regenerative, intersecting human and planetary wellbeing as we tackle the wider issues of climate change alongside human health. From the workplace to the home, cities of the future must be smart, integrating innovative technology into our infrastructure but harmonious with humans and the environment. The smart city of the future will be the ‘WELL-CITY’.

Organisational psychologists have researched and proven that ‘The Global Impact of Biophilic Design’ in our urban environments have increased benefits of productivity and happiness. In a post-pandemic world, we are at a time of environmental and social disconnect where people are more aware of them own wellbeing. We have never had a more vital obligation to recover the abundance of nature and bring people together equitably.

Our vision for the Thamesmead Waterfront focused on three socially conscious systems: WELL-Living, WELL-Mobility, and WELL-Future. In this manifesto we set out pioneering alternatives for a transformative project that heals physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually while regenerating the natural environment.

Welcoming, inclusive and generous spaces for co-working and community collaborations.
Sustainable, considerate and safe space for living and a friendly community environment.

Heta Contact

Jon Fielding

Heta Contact

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