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Design Meets Insight - Ep1: Thinking about the Circular Economy

Welcome to 'Design Meets Insight', a new podcast series where we share some of the fascinating and inspiring conversations we have with creators and innovators who work in and around the world of design. At Heta, our focus is on people and how we can create uplifting and delightful places for people to live well, now and into the future. This podcast is centred around just that, and explores how we can prioritise healthy living, social equality and resilience to create sustainable buildings, communities and cities.

26th February 2021
Design Meets Insights Podcast
Design Meets Insight - Ep1: Thinking about the Circular Economy

A New Series:

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Design Meets Insight is hosted by Ben Stuart, an Associate Architect at Heta who is passionate about the world that surrounds architecture, but also loves talking to interesting people. Over the last 5 years, he has recorded over 50 podcasts, with guests ranging from politicians, CEOs, artists, architects, film directors, VR specialists & even comedians. Across two different series, ‘Create More’ & ‘Architecture Den’, his podcasts have gained almost 30,000 downloads.

Linkedin: Ben Stuart

Listen to the podcast:

Guest Curated:

We’re really excited to be kicking off the podcast as a mini-series co-hosted by Nicky Wightman. As Director of Emerging Trends at global real estate business Savills, Nicky's focus is on the future of how we will live, work, learn and play. A former barrister and broadcaster, Nicky is regularly asked to comment on the future of the built environment and in particular the relationship between the physical and the digital world.

Linkedin: Nicky Wightman

First Guest:

Our first guest in the series is Saasha Celestial-One, the co-founder and COO of OLIO, a free app which provides a game-changing, community-driven solution to the problem of food and household waste. OLIO, which now has almost 3 million users in over 50 countries, connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared.

At Heta we’re working with developers on how to embed the circular economy into the construction industry, as well as how we create connected communities beyond the built environment. OLIO harnesses the collective power of the sharing and circular economy at an individual, hyper local level, and is also leading the way for companies to become not just sustainable, but regenerative.

Linkedin: Saasha Celestial-One

A third of the food we produce globally is thrown away, and in the UK households are responsible for over half of all food waste. The average family throws away £700 worth of food each year. That adds up to £12.5 billion… £12.5 billion that is going straight to landfill!

Saasha Celestial-One, CO-Founder of OLIO

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