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A Guide to Designing for Material Re-Use

As part of Grosvenor’s Materials Re-use network, which is focused on exploring the barriers and enablers to accelerating materials re-use in the building and construction sector, Heta’s Nicholas Arthurell, alongside Grosvenor Group & RotorDC, joined an online discussion on the initial considerations around this subject, and shared our downloadable guide to incorporating re-used materials into the design process.

14th July 2021
How can architecture respond to the climate crisis??
A Guide to Designing for Material Re-Use

Accelerating Material Re-Use

Grosvenor aimed to form part of a working group with Heta, ORMs, Elliott Wood, ARUP and the UKGBC to carry out research and strategic planning for materials re-use in construction.  Within that, the group looked at a later phase built outcome, a process for appraisal, material harvesting & cataloguing, design, construction and delivery.

This demonstrator project is an instigator & research piece to industry that will help inform the process and highlight the various points that industry professionals & bodies need to be aware of when tackling the re-use process. With a focus on removing unknowns, inefficiency & risk from the process of direct material re-use, Heta created overall guidelines and specific directions to bring us, as a collective construction industry, closer to a circular system economy of sustainable building.


We’re sharing our guide as a downloadable attachment here to help inform the process. This is a first step in highlighting to industry professionals and bodies what they need to understand and be aware of when approaching the re-use process.

Help spread the word by sharing our research, watching the webinar from July 2021 and downloading our Guide to Designing for Materials Reuse.

Watch the webinar from July 2021 above and download our guide to Designing for Materials Reuse.

More information about Grosvenor’s ‘Accelerating Materials Reuse’ project can be found here.

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